So this post is a little late. I made this while I was still at home during winter vacation. But I’ve been a little busy. This past weekend I was in NYC to audition for Colorado Ballet. Its that time of year. College, summer and Professional Company auditions… Unfortunately i didn’t end up auditioning this weekend. I came down with the flu which was absolutely no fun at all. I had basically every symptom that goes along with the flu, Chills, body and head aches, a stomach ache, a high fever, and somehow i also contracted a nasty cough which has taken my voice away. Basically this past week and weekend were the best…not.

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Since I cant talk I decided I’d write. Ive been doing that a lot lately actually. I sat down yesterday and wrote a 4 page letter. Sometimes its just so cleansing to write. Especially if you’re writing about whats been happening in your life. If you need help finding perspective on something you’ve done I find it especially useful.

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I made Tiramisu for my friends birthday. She turned 18 and told me to surprise her. I know she likes coffee and so i thought it was a fitting desert and a little more fun than your average birthday cake. I had enough ingredients to make two of them which was actually convenient because my boyfriends birthday was a week later so I made one for him too and just gave it to him early.

My Friends birthday "party"

My Friends birthday “party”

This may sound bad but when I bake for other people I usually don’t use healthy ingredients. Most people don’t like to eat healthy things anyways because they think they taste bad and to be honest some things are really hard to make healthy. Most deserts are french derived and the french cooking is so based in butter and cream and rich ingredients that it makes it hard to substitute for them and still have an equally as good outcome.

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Recipe from http://detailsjuliette.wordpress.com/2013/10/19/tiramisu/

(Btw her pictures are beautiful)

Ingredients: (Makes 8 small servings)

  • 6 Eggs
  • 400 g Savoiardi (ladyfingers) *I couldn’t find any but I used tea cookies and I’ve heard Milanos work quite well.
  • 500 gr Mascarpone (or a light cream cheese if you want to make it light)
  • 120 gr granulated Sugar
  • Coffee (espresso, just enough to soak the ladyfingers in)
  • Chocolate flakes (to decorate)
  • Cocoa powder (to decorate)
  • pinch of Salt


Brew the coffee and set aside to cool down.

Separate egg whites and yolks and beat the yolks together with half of the sugar.

In another bowl start working the mascarpone with a mixer and slowly add the egg mixture.

In a third bowl beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt until stiff, then add the other half of the sugar.

Add the egg whites to the mascarpone and egg yolks mixture slowly with a spatula or a whisk to keep it light and fluffy.

Break the ladyfingers in the length that will fit in the glass (or any container you will use). Soak the ladyfingers very briefly in the cold coffee.

It’s time to assemble. Put a first row of ladyfingers in the glass, cover them with cream, sieve a layer of cocoa powder on it, put a second layer of ladyfingers, cover with cream and dust with cocoa powder. Add some chocolate sprinkles (or temper some chocolate and make your own shapes to decorate if you like).

Put in the fridge for a few hours before serving. Serve cold.