Life Without Baking

Theres that saying that you don’t realize you love something/someone until its gone. I knew that I loved to bake but it is just dawning on me that I am essentially kitchenless for an entire year. I am at Kirov Academy of Ballet in Washington Dc for my senior year. While the training is really superb there are many aspects of home that i miss. My boyfriend, my room, occasionally my family :b and my kitchen…

So because I am kitchenless this year my blog will have to take a slightly different direction for a while. I am going to be finding wonderful recipes from other food blogs and posting them for you all to enjoy. In return I would appreciate it if you also commented food blogs that you like so that I can at least marvel at other peoples wonderful creations.

There are a few things that I have realized being kitchenless. I really really would like to do something with baking later in my life. Now I am only 17 and so my interests could change in a few years or even a few months but at the moment here is my plan.. Get into a company this winter (keeping my fingers crossed and working very hard of course), now everyone knows being a dancer doesn’t exactly pay well so I would like to spend my time when I am not dancing working in a bakery or coffee shop of some sort. That way I can see how they run and get a feel for the business aspect of the baking world. Then once i retire or maybe even during my dance career depending on how much time I have I would like to go to culinary school. I would like to not only learn how to bake every pastry on this earth but I would also like to learn how to run a business. Then finally I want to open my own bakery/coffee shop. That is my dream.

I was in georgetown the other day and I went to Sprinkles one of the most famous cupcake bakeries in DC. I got a carrot cake one and a red velvet one to save for later. They were absolutely delicious. Its in someplace like that, that I could see my self easily working even if it was just behind the cash register. In the meantime though I am here working on just dancing so really any blog suggestions would be wonderful and I will in turn find scrumptious things to show you too!