Being a girl is hard. We have constant battles with food. I myself am a ballerina with constant pressure to be skinny. Unfortunately I have a problem… I FUCKING LOVE FOOD!! Im not sure if you’ve noticed but its rather delicious. I especially enjoy sweets which are not only filled with empty calories but have this power to entice you to eat more than one.

Just this year have I really began cooking. I’ve been told I’m rather good at it too.

The problem with me making delicious things like this is that absolutely no one in my family eats them. Luckily I have a wonderful boyfriend who is more than happy to take my sweet treats to his family.

For my birthday I received a few cookbooks with recipes that substitue all the unhealthy ingredients like white flour and white sugar for things like WW flour and honey. People are always so afraid of using substitues because its very hard to get things to taste “right”.  I am going to get myself over that fear so that I can enjoy my delicious treats along with anyone else who is willing to take the risk and join me.

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